Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ)

Do I need to attend church to be a client at a Freedom Centre?
No you don’t. Anyone is welcome to sign up for coaching through the Kerith Debt Freedom Centre.
Will I be expected to start attending a church or give to a church?
No you won’t. This is a free service being provided with no strings attached.
Will the coaches be talking to me about religion, God, faith?
The coaches will not initiate any conversations with you regarding their faith, God, or their views on religion. If a client is interested in asking questions of a spiritual nature, the coaches may continue the conversation or they may suggest that they speak to the centre’s chaplain.
Do I have to pay for coaching? Are there any costs involved? No you do not have to pay for coaching. There are no other costs involved in participating except for costs associated with getting yourself to the coaching sessions. The online budgeting tool is provided to you for the duration of your coaching free of charge.
How long does the coaching process take? The length of time you require coaching is dependent on your individual situation. Often clients begin by attending coaching sessions a couple times a month. Once they begin to make progress toward their financial goals, coaching sessions may decrease to once a month, and then once every three months until you are able to independently manage your finances and continue to eliminate debt.
Do you provide any financial assistance? No, we do not provide clients with financial assistance. Our goal is to offer you information and encouragement so that you can more clearly see all of your options. Providing you this kind of support can help you to make wise decisions for your financial future. If you require assistance outside the scope of our abilities, we will try and help you find that support through referrals.

Is there a question that we did not answer?  Let us know at 613-258-4815 x 103